Corporate surveying

Creating Vibe Surveys - a quick and easy-to-use survey tool for PwC, allowing teams to keep their finger on the pulse of their people and projects.

2015 Tags: UX, Interaction design
Vibe Surveys
Vibe Surveys landing page

Vibe Surveys came out of AskU as a white-label survey solution with the USP of being focused on simplicity and security.

I worked closely together with two product managers on the UX and was in charge of realizing our vision through IX/UI design and implementation.

UX through survey creation and respondence

Rethinking corporate

Our biggest differentiation from other platforms came with targeting a corporate space without being neither clunky nor expensive. Instead we built a light and agile solution with an intuitive survey creation process and cross-device friendly user input, also supporting dated systems.

Vibe Surveys
Vibe Surveys
Respondent's view on mobile

The product has been continuously tested by internal teams whose feedback has been gathered and, if relevant, taken into consideration and eventually implemented into our UX design process.


We've now given all of PwC a better way to survey and gather insights.

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