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Paddl is a platform that enables it's users to stay work ready by capturing everyday learning and turning it into a global experience profile. As the head of design I've visually realised the product and brand, and not only once but twice.

2017 - 2020 Tags: Product, Branding, Ongoing

Paddl Revisioned

As Paddl started it's venture out in the world I came onboard to create the first round of branding, looking like this before transforming. With a couple of years of growing and learning it was time to simplify it as Paddl no longer was just a web app with job listings, but a community expanding on all fronts requiring a solid symbol to be built upon.

Moving away from the abstract concept we created a mark that encapsules infinite experience through Paddl. Elements hinting at a personal journey and growth also tie into it.

Representing upskilling and beyond

With a sophisticated purple (nicknamed 'Paddl plum') as the main brand colour the secondary swatches are a complementary sequence embodying the different Activity categories available to add and showcase in the app.



What started out as a simple job listing app connecting recent graduates to employers is now a platform for people to easily add in their experiences through an ever-growing selection of Activities, from reading a book to holding a masterclass.

I created the custom framework with UI elements together with developers as part of a larger design system also encompassing brand assets such as icons and artwork. The components then go live to the front-end via Storybook.

Landing and Paddl Profile views
Paddl Paddl
Basecamp - The starting point for adding Activities

In order to create an incentive for users to keep returning to the app and build upon their profiles we've gamified the process slightly by offering badges that can be acquired only when unlocking a certain activity.

Secondary brand elements - Activity badges

Event design

Paddl also expands into challenge events (now naturally held online) where users get to flex their skills to partnered companies by innovating solutions to real business challenges. The goal being apart from creating more sustainable communities to also provide bridges between the talent and the businesses.

The National Innovation Games

We've partnered with companies such as ABC and Canon - with a lot more to come.

Summed up

So far on Paddl's journey I've amongst many things created the brand (x2), prototyped the app, built a custom UI component system together with our developers and managed the marketing design that's currently being fully realised and rolled out. Watch this space!

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Artwork in collaboration with Rikki Jane

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