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adidas in collaboration with Pharrell Williams unveil their new Supercolor sneakers collection in 11 colours via The Iconic. This was to be launched through it's own microsite within a week and a half from briefing to launch.

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An interactive showcase making it possible to rotate around the shoe and explore each colour in it's full glory. At the same time keeping the experience simple and not over-the-top image heavy.



In order to show all shoes front and center whilst keeping a practical and simple experience I created a two column grid that progressively unveils each one as the user scrolls up or down. Each colour got it's own angle, together creating a 360° spin.

Selecting one of colours expands the panel and presents a full view where the user can click through to buy it in The Iconic's webshop.

Supercolor Supercolor Supercolor Supercolor
Sample scroll states, view site in the archive


Whilst being made for desktop first the layout gets adapted for mobile devices with a simplified scrolling interaction.

Supercolor Supercolor
Mobile shop shoe view


The concept also went into animated form for social media.

A video posted by THE ICONIC (@theiconicau) on

Animation in collaboration with The Iconic


A "stoked" adidas with one more reason to be #Happy!

Development in collaboration with Michael Dijkstra

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