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Introducing AskU - a new way of utilizing your idle time for a good cause. Choose a charity that you'd like to support and simply donate with the push of a button by answering different questions in the app. I lead the design for this startup after launching in 2013.

2013 - 2015 Tags: App UX, Branding, Community


Core of the AskU brand is a simple palette including an informative main blue and a main orange representing Q's and A's. These allow a large amount of secondary colours to join in and be used when displaying different data from surveys.

Showcasing the money flow to charity


Question screens are made to make answering of questions as intuitive as possible and results can be seen by simply swiping a step back. A discovery stream provides a way of everyday engagement with the app and dedicated user gets rewarded with badges for keeping up the good work.

Main question screen
'Discovery' stream
Rewards to maintain engagement

Web interface

Using the web platform people can also support their favourite charity without the need of a stand-alone app.

Back-end giving an overview of responses
The B2B side of AskU focusing on market research


Part of the brand is Arron, the mascot owl. Insightful to the fullest and user friendly when needed. Designed to take on various apperences Arron's been utilized to present the various topics being pushed to users.

Arron the owl


A quick video pitch made in collaboration with Fire Starter Videos.

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