Human conferencing

Now more than ever, humans have the opportunity to shape the future thanks to technological innovation. Melbourne-based conference Above all human will explore and question what all these new opportunities mean for us and I got the privilege to design it.

2014 Tags: Illustration, UI


I produced a range of concepts based on the foundation of the conference, to place the human in a scene where worldy elements meets tech.

Above all human
Above all human
Conceptual imagery and logotype variations


Embracing the focus on the human footprint the logotype was drawn by hand whilst maintaining a balance between the playful and the rigid.

Above all human
Above all human
Humanistic type


The final illustration uses the principles of wabi-sabi with refined elements from nature and the digital realm. The 'Ned Kelly' series by Sidney Nolan layed as inspiration for the earthy colour palette.

Above all human
Main imagery with human character


The site spawns out of the main illustration and becomes a multi-layered adaption of the setting with brand elements living alongside the content.

Above all human Above all human Above all human Above all human Above all human
Website with linear narrative
Above all human Above all human
Above all human
The conference space with branded elements

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